Bertrand Contador is one of the most prolific producers out there at the moment. He is also the boss of three underground record labels and presents a monthly radio show ‘Deep Cuts’.

Bertrand has released a number of tracks under different guises although always sticking to his first love – underground house music. Working in the studio with the latest digital equipment, Bertrand is always looking to combine vintage analogue kit which he has been collecting over the years;

"If you’ve got a load of vintage tubes, you might as well use them."

Bertrand DJs worldwide, playing a blend of house & deep house while always dropping exclusive remixes.

For more information on Bertrand Contador including bookings, remixes & sound design, email:


Random Tangents:

 - Walking Contradiction

Walking Contradiction

CR024 - Electric Brain
CR024 -

Electric Brain

Bertrand Contador - Can't Deny (Official Music Video)

Bertrand Contador - Can't Deny (Official Music Video)

TR002 - More And More
TR002 -

More And More