1TestifyHiFi Sean, Crystal WatersOriginal MixPlastique RecordsIndie Dance / Nu Disco2016-09-16
2Thinking' Bout Your LoveBertrand ContadorOriginal MixTerrace RecordsDeep House2017-01-27
3The Music Got MeClaptoneJustin MartinExploitedTech House2017-01-23
4If U WantVidalocaDale HowardBe One RecordsTech House2016-12-23
5Sleep TalkAlex Mills, Chris LorenzoSonny FoderaAzuli RecordsHouse2017-01-20
6Same ManFranky RizardoOriginal MixDefectedTech House2017-01-27
7It's AlrightMarshall Jefferson, Sterling Void, Paris BrightledgeOriginal MixPhonetic RecordsHouse2012-04-05
8MdfVanilla AceYves MurascaIsland MoodsDeep House2017-01-06
9Lost Without YouParis Grey, HiFi SeanRalphi RosarioPlastique RecordsHouse2016-07-22
10Lost Without YouParis Grey, HiFi SeanMazw & MastersPlastique RecordsHouse2016-07-22

Beatport Chart - February 2017


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